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About Us


We approach each project with the understanding that your living space is an extension of your personality, therefore it is imperative for us to invite you, the client, to engage in the journey with us throughout the project. From conception right through to the final hand-over.


  1. Intricate Living is a dynamic 3D Design company that specializes in interior design, cabinetry designs and room concepts. We create visual representations of your ideas for the interior of your living space in ways that displays all aspects of the design: from floor and wall to ceilings and cabinetry.
  2. Using advanced design technology, our revolutionary software program recreates your ideas in a futuristic way, allowing us to change colours and designs, more than once, without breaking the bank.
  3. Our knowledgeable, energetic, creative, organized and hardworking designers are open minded with a flair for outstanding design, and are always willing to assist.
  4. We operate on the principal of providing high quality design which offers true value for money.
  5. We also specialize in providing design concepts from scratch. This is especially suitable for newly built homes, properties, hotels and offices. By efficiently utilising the available space in all our designs, we present you with a concept for your room which is not only beautiful, but also practical and functional.
  6. Although Intricate mainly focuses on the visual side of the interior concepts, we still make use of numerous suppliers to provide our clients with fully manufactured end results.  We can provide quotes on all designs and features by request. Our aim is to make it all flow together.

Our aim is to provide our clients with an interior living space that is balanced – beautiful and functional, contemporary and timeless, with a unique character which compliments your own. Your home should be a visual delight, a haven of cool, elegance and warm harmonies. In our designs we can create this in many ways.


Intricate means: Having more complexly arranged elements working together! And that is what we do.


  • We will define and clarify your needs
  • We will guide you in drawing up a scheme that suits your budget and requirements.
  • We will assist you to avoid making costly errors.
  • We will provide a time frame within which the project will be planned.
  • We will keep you up to date with regards to the progress.
  • We will provide products and services of the highest quality.
  • We will always be professional
  • Our designs to be of realistic high quality renders
  • Our visions are to be modern and up to date.
  • We will always assist where possible.



Our fully qualified interior 3D designers will work closely with you, the clients, to design and create your interior living spaces according to your lifestyle, budget and requirements.


With our service we can provide you with endless opportunities of beautiful views!



With Intricate Living we believe that developing the budget of a project should be a partnership between us and the client. No client is the same, so our projects differ in design approach and fees depending on the individual needs of the client.


Rates would differ in per hour rates and as per project.


As a professional designer we will assess your needs and help you to determine where to spend and where to save, prioritizing expenses while creating an interior that is in your best interest.


Contact us for more information and portfolios.