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Butting heads? How to solve disagreements when it comes to your house designs

04 Jun Butting heads? How to solve disagreements when it comes to your house designs

When designing your dream home, it is all too common for there to be disagreements between you and your significant other. After all, the house designs involve a lot of decision making, from layout, to furniture, to the colour of the walls. If you feel like you are butting heads over your house designs, read on for some tips on how to ease the process and make it one which is drama-free.


In a relationship, you are always going to have different interests. However, when deciding on your house designs, it is important to find a middle ground, where you can both incorporate your style and interests into your home. For example, one of you may like paintings on the wall, while the other may prefer a plainer, painting-free atmosphere. You can compromise by putting the paintings in one room and leaving others plain. Either way, we are there to assist!

Decide on what stays and what goes:

If you want your partner to get rid of certain things during your house design, you have to be willing to do the same. There needs to be a clear give-or-take scenario so that nobody feels like they are being dominated in house design decisions.

Decide which items you’re both willing to concede on:

If you truly don’t care about electronics but are obsessed with what they sit on, divide and conquer. Not everyone likes the same design elements and home accessories, so figure out which things you can each contribute. Your house designs need to be something that you both contribute to equally.

Keep relationship issues separate:

Every relationship has its issues, but you need to keep them aside and focus on the task at hand- which is your house designs. Don’t let personal issues get in the way of making mature house design decisions together. Rather, save the pent up anger for another time.

Overall, it is important to make decisions with love and respect when it comes to your house designs, as this is a space where you are both going to be spending your days and growing old together. Your home needs to reflect who you are as a couple, with design elements that compliment you both and show who you are.

By keeping the lines of communication open, setting expectations and being willing to compromise, you can design a space that truly represents everyone who lives there.

At Intricate Living, we will work with you to design your dream home, with house designs that are created together, taking you step by step through the entire design process.

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