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Our designs are created to realistically reflect your vision as we provide a full range of services incorporating the following:

  • Kitchen designs with all features and appliances
  • Cabinetry designs in bedrooms, bathrooms, bars and other areas
  • Concepts of entertainment rooms, offices, cinemas, libraries and much more
  • Creative dropped ceiling concepts with light effects
  • Design of wall and window dressings
  • Quotes on manufactured furniture from suppliers
  • Numerous quotes on design features from suppliers, namely: tiles, paint, handy work, etc.
  • Optional project management services to manage the progress
  • Space planning and furniture design

With all of the service above, we provide the clients with all the relevant information upon hand-over.

Additional services can be discussed for running the project on our client’s behalf.  Information would consist out of:

  • Floor plans with furniture lay-outs
  • 3D realistic  views from all angles of the room
  • Elevations with measurements of the designs
  • Manufacture folder

As designers we provide solutions to:

  • Home owners – with an interior design concept
  • Carpenters who wish to provide their clients with 3D images before manufacture
  • Hotels, restaurants and corporate workspace which require space planning solutions
  • Properties – launching of new complexes, show houses and many more
  • Builders/Contractors: Providing their clients with an interior designer.

We believe that the foundation for planning a home must always be the comfort, well-being and joy of those who will be living there.


  • 01 IDEA

    The more ideas the client has at the brief meeting the more material we have to work with and more accurate the design results. Meeting with us is always a great idea

  • 02 CONCEPT

    The concept of creating rooms is our speciality, form - follows - function. Not overdoing it but giving the room the character of the people who will be living there and using the space.

  • 03 DESIGN

    Using our software we create what we envision for a room. We draw up the room into the program with measurements taken or plans provided and then create the rooms with the 3D concept.

  • 04 REVIEW

    We then present our designs, after carefully working on them for a few days, to our clients with expectations that they like it the first time, with a tweak maybe here or there.


    We can implement all the materials, suppliers needed and provide optional quotes on work. The choice of what they like to do with the designs or who they like to use is still up to them.